Words on Children & Art


Zoe Bowden - girl with robot

March Musings – Words on Children & Art

It goes without saying that here at Kindergallery we are passionate about art for children. This month we wanted to take a little glimpse into the ways in which art can inspire, educate, encourage and delight children, and the importance of its place in the childhood imaginary. We borrow a few wise words to shape our March musings.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ (Napoleon Bonaparte). From the earliest moments, creativity is a human instinct. Even before language comes, we use our hands to express, we make mess, we indulge in colour, we create art. Without having the vocabulary or the means to articulate ourselves verbally, we begin as children through our scribbling, sculpting, doodling and mark making.

Creativity and self expression can be nurtured and supported by all parents in a spirit of exploration and play. Not only is art a free expression of a child’s inner world, it is a critical part of their emotional and mental development. Whether or not your child is a little Picasso or the next Renoir, it’s worth remembering that ‘Every artist was first an amateur!’ (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

‘In art as in love, instinct is enough’. (Anatole France). Art is a wonderfully diplomatic and liberating form of expression. Its spirit lies in instinct not intellect, and frees us at any age to document, celebrate and realise pictures from our imaginations or day to day lives. Creativity does not judge, it is simply revels in the chance to run wild!

At Kinderallery we love art that inspires, encourages and excites children. We hope our collection might provide a springboard for dialogue about art in day to day life, a conversation about creativity, or even encourage you to start a personal collection of pieces to be treasured in childhood and for always. We welcome your thoughts on this subject, and look forward to any stories or thoughts you may wish to share about art in your family life.