Mati Rose - Lucky Elephants Together

Lucky Elephants Together

Print (print size 18×18, paper size 21.5×27.5cm)
Woodcut (15x15x4cm)

Symbols of not only luck but also of wisdom, strength and loyalty to the family, Mati Rose is passionate about painting elephants. In her beautiful ‘Lucky Elephant’ series Mati captures elephants in the midst of their dreams, with vibrant plumes of pattern and colour emerging from their upturned trunks. The Elephant’s upturned trunk is an age old symbol to bring good luck!

In this piece two elephants meet and share their dreams. This piece is available in two forms, one as a woodcut, a chunky little ready to hang print on wood, or alternatively as a hand signed print on artist’s paper to frame and treasure. Let it delight and inspire you.

Price -

AU $55