Meredith Gaston - How Do Animals Sleep_Series

Series ‘How Do Animals Sleep?’

Watercolour and Ink on paper, 5 pieces, 17x24cm each 

From Meredith’s book Tucked In, Lantern, Penguin 2011

This delightful series is the original chapter from Meredith Gaston’s celebrated book ‘Tucked in’, featuring the charming, quirky and endearing sleeping habits of our animal friends.

Featuring five individual pieces including the title page ‘How Do Animals Sleep’ and four following pages of beautifully illustrated creatures with notes on their respective sleeping habits, this is a body of work to be treasured for life. Bold, warm and bright colours along with Meredith’s signature handwriting and whimsical line work make this stunning little series unique.

A one off chance to acquire an original piece of the book and a collection of watercolours to treasure for life.


Price -

AU $1,250