Kindergallery welcomes Katharine O’Hara!

Katharine O'Hara - Amity

Otherwise known as ‘Alfalfa’, Sydney based New Zealand artist Katherine O’Hara has a passion for reclaiming old doilies and textiles, embroidering them with divine artworks in her signature, nostalgic style. Centred around faces, posed portraits, shy little friends and old school beauties, Katherine stitches new life into old weaves, reclaiming lost textiles and encouraging us to find and treasure them again.

Featured in Frankie magazine and exhibiting around Australia, Katharine has found a fan base of old fashioned hearts, even working on commissioned family portraits embroidery style!

Click here to fall in love with Katharine’s sweet, loveable faces – each with their own unique story and personality, and step back and forward in time to celebrate the dainty days of handcrafting.