Kindergallery Welcomes Amyisla Mccombie


Amyisla Mccombie Lemon Lime

Amyisla Mccombie is a London based illustrator creating enchanting works of art for dreamy hearts of all kinds. After graduating from Falmouth University by the sea, she moved to bustling London town to set up her dream workspace. From her urban studio Amyisla creates illustrations for books, fashion, editorial and children’s media.

Amyisla’s creativity is inspired by folk tales, stories and surreal images, mixed with every day influences and favourite patterns. Her pieces have a a unique feel boasting delicate lines and thoughtful colour. Her visual expressions are narratives – truly evocative and almost childlike.

Let Amyisla’s charming illustrations draw you back to days when you were utterly curious and carefree, or even transport you to different, magical little worlds with each enchanting new story. – See more at: