Romy Sai Zunde

Romy Bio Pic


Kindergallery welcomes Romy Sai Zunde – Archeologist, creative writer, mother, farmer, sculptor and picture book illustrator!

Based on a permaculture property in the Victorian goldfields with her family and animals, Romy compliments her home and academic life with her richly inspired artistic practice. She particularly loves exploring the joyful animals within us, and creates artworks she describes as ‘talismen of personal significance’. From her bold totems to her dreamy abstracted compositions, Romy unites nature and fantasy. Her artistic expressions link together our dreaming and waking worlds – our inner and outer. Sophistication and playfulness collide. Romy’s fascination with the art of thinking and creativity itself continue to inform her practise, as with her love of bold, vibrant colour and nature inspired forms.

Focusing her creative passions, Romy is now studying Experiential Art Therapy. She hopes to help children and adults to explore their creative inspirations and ‘inner wilderness!’ Romy has exhibited artwork and sculpture around Australia and her work has featured in publications by Quarry Press and Lark Books. Her first children’s book, ‘Release the Beast’, will be published at the end of this year by Beatnik Press.

Kindergallery invites you and your child to explore Romy’s unique and beautiful collection of paintings. Can you see a spaceship, a shy deer or a big whale? If you look closely you might even pick out stars, planets and secret hidden faces in the sky!…