Magali Dincher

Magali Dincher - bio pic

Born in France in 1980, Magali Dincher is an adored printmaker now based in Perth, Western Australia. Swapping croissants for the sounds of Kookaburra’s song, Magali’s new setting provides her with constantly shifting impressions and inspirations to draw from.

Magali’s Kindergallery collection of prints includes exquisitely captured urban, social, musical and natural environments. Potter through the quirky, charming streets of Paris and notice a wobbly window or beautiful streetlamp; watch an unsuspecting scuba diver fall in love with a mermaid, or admire the beautiful series of seasons prints, celebrating the rhythms of nature all year through. It is hard not to fall in love with Magali’s na├»ve and childlike easiness, and her enchanting simplification of forms. Rendered in the most divine palette of contrasting warm and cool tones, Magali’s works are both sophisticated and whimsical all at once.

Each piece is individually hand coloured and unique, making it your very own, one off artwork to cherish and treasure. One of Magali’s favourite parts of her artistic process is the magic moment of surprise in printmaking, when the print is revealed on the paper or the fabric after having just been lifted from the press or the screen… suspense, excitement and joy!

Browse through the gallery below to explore a range of Magali’s beautiful etchings, collagraphs, linocuts and screen prints. We hope you will find a piece to steal your heart.