Jutta Votteler

Jutta Votteler - bio picGerman artist Jutta Votteler is renowned worldwide for her her exquisite etchings, boasting a remarkable palette of warm, rich colours and centred around a cast of whimsical  creatures and landscapes. Whisking us away to moonlit gardens and high up into the treetops, from seaside to forest, Jutta Votteler’s Kindergallery collection is a true visual treat for young and young hearts alike.

Having studied extensively in Germany, taught and printed around the world, Jutta now lives in cosmopolitan Berlin with her children in a creative household where art is at the very centre of daily life. Jutta’s passion for nature is at the heart of her inspiration.

Unlike mass produced prints, Jutta’s etchings are hand crafted using fine needle points on copper plates and special, light resistant etching inks. After the plates are inked up by hand they are put through a press, imprinting the etching deep into the weave of the printmaking paper. The nature of the etching process is such that all works are originals, unique pieces with their own subtle differences to charm and to treasure.

We are immensely proud to present this select collection of Jutta’s etchings here at Kindergallery, and to celebrate with you their divine and unique beauty.