Fanni Chambas

Artist Fanni ChambasRenowned French artist Fanni Chambas lives and works in Paris. Passionate about textiles and with a penchant for natural materials, Fanni’s artworks exude a sense of timelessness, beauty and simplicity. Fanni’s background in fashion design had her creating ‘scarves that looked like paintings’ for the likes of Chloe and Cartier. With time however, her practice seemed to adapt to the white walls of her beautifully minimal home, and took shape to reflect and compliment her living space. Of all her pieces, Fanni is most proud of her works on linen, such as the beautiful measuring tapes here at Kindergallery. Harking back to our childhood tradition of counting our every growing inch on door frames, Fanni provides a wonderfully practical, portable and simply beautiful new approach, saving our door frames and our memories all at once! How wonderful to pass down from generation to generation, celebrating together how from little things big things grow.