Aliette is a graphic artist living in Paris. She studied animation and audiovisual techniques at the University of Strasbourg, and has worked as a freelance graphic designer, mainly for animation studios in Paris and London, for some time. All the while she has nurtured an interest in creating her own artworks, and began selling them when she realised that people were interested in the things she was making. Her works are inspired by the idiosyncracies of everything which surrounds her: people, art, photographs, fabrics, textures and nature. Often her eye is caught by things which may be thought to be the most insignificant details of a scene.

Our eye has been caught by Aliette’s graphic colour-themed illustrations. These prints intimately depict natural and domestic subjects such as a sleeping kitten, a child releasing balloons into the sky, or a peek into an enchanted forest They are rendered using monochrome techniques punctuated by elements of colour, to create works which are, in a wonderfully delicate way, both wistful and playful. New to Kindergallery are Aliette´s “Animals”, a series of smiling friends featuring a bold peacock, a pair of cuddling zebras,and a gentle rhinocerus, just to name a few. Although they can be presented as stand-alone works, we find that they are particularly well-suited to combination as a series.